We look forward to celebrating all nominees at our Awards Ceremony on November 2nd.

The evening will include speakers, awards, testimonials, & more!

YWCA's Women of Excellence Celebration

What is Women of Excellence?

Our annual Women of Excellence honors generations of strong, creative, & caring changemakers who lead by example, embrace civic responsibility and demonstrate exceptional leadership.

We invite the public to submit nominations of exceptional Women & Young Ladies in one of our several award categories.

Women of Excellence

Nominate a Women or Young Lady of Excellence for 2023

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Previous Women of Excellence

A look back at previously honored Women of Excellence

In addition to celebrating Women of Excellence, one woman is recognized as the Wise Woman. The Wise Woman award is a distinguished honor offered by the YWCA Northcentral PA, giving recognition to one woman for her outstanding devotion to making a significant impact and difference in the lives of others. She will have given tireless time and energy to improving the opportunities, access, and success of our community while embracing the YWCA's mission through exceptional leadership, with a dedication to excellence in both her personal and professional endeavors.
1997 - Sister Jean Mohl | 1998 - Annmarie Phillips | 1999 - Davie Jane Gilmour, Ph.D. | 2000 - Nan Young | 2001 - Henrietta Hadley
2002 - Ann Pepperman | 2003 - Kimberly Shulz | 2004 - Patricia Lowery | 2005 - Sister Joann Bednar | 2006 - Peachie O'Conner | 2007 - Andree Phillips

2009** - Marguerite Bierman | 2010 - Janice Trapp| 2011 - Veronica Muzic | 2012 - Barbara Hudock | 2013 - Beth McMahon
2014 - Judge Nancy L. Butts | 2015 - Anne Holladay | 2016 - Kirsten Burkhart| 2017 - Sue Young | 2018 - Judith Krezmer
2019 - Shea Madden | 2020 - Maddie Dunlap | 2021- Sherry Paulhamus | 2022 - Lynn Estomin

**2009 marks the first year a formal Women of Excellence event took place.

2009 Women of Excellence

Marie Harris, Jeri Sims, Bonita Kolb, Kathleen Kelly, Elisabeth Miranda, Barbara Natell, Jean Heller, Joann Kay, Meagan Murray, Rachel Kirk, Donna Bastian, Marquerite Bierman (Wise Woman), C. Jane Hawkins, Kathy Brown-Wehr and Kay Dando

2010 Women of Excellence

Sandy Spencer, Nuria Hunter, Dee Gephart, Pam Hicks, Amy Dowling, Tanya Anderson, Linda Boose, Jeanette Carter, Annmarie Phillips, Kay Ertel, Charline Pulizzi, Linda Prior and Janice Trapp (Wise Woman)

2011 Women of Excellence

Debra Mader Miller, Deb Parsons, Caryn Powers, Mary Kilgus, Doreen White, Judge Joy McCoy, Mackenzie Yaw, Lois Williams, Brenda Nichols, Veronica Muzic (Wise Woman), Beth McMahon, Deb Bowes and Geneva Peck

2012 Women of Excellence

Stephanie Hollick, Karen Woland-Payne, M. Chris Lechien, Savonna Reagan, Jenifer L. DeWald, Karen Armstrong, Diane Page, Opal Schlappi, Jessica Bower, Peggy Wood, Rebecca Burke, Andree Phillips and Barbara Hudock - Wise Woman

2013 Women of Excellence

Jennifer Rhea, Melanie Taormina, Ann Plankenhorn, Radecka Appiah-Padi, Christina Herman, Carolyn Strickland, Gail Leidhecker, Dawn Linn, Jennifer Jackson, Beth McMahon (Wise Woman), Rosann Pellschi and Frances Melito Pfaff

2014 Women of Excellence

Linell Stabler, Dana Brigandi, Virginia Eaton, Kathy Zakarian, Aegina Leidhecker, Bonnie Dodge, Trisha Marty Gibbons, Candace Dewar, Megan Stoner, Judge Nancy L. Butts (Wise Woman), Renee Laychur, Barb Wascher and Susan Burns

2015 Women of Excellence

Tracy Brundage, Mary Sieminski, Jamie Caputo, Rev. Velinda Webb, Sue Greene, Debra Schneider, Fran Turner, Janet Hurlbert, Anne Holladay (Wise Woman), Karen Young and Makayla Hoffman (Young Woman of Excellence)

2016 Women of Excellence

Back row: Kirsten Burkhart (Wise Woman); Next row: Gerry Fausnaught, Rev. Gwen Bernstein, Joani Yagel; Next Row: Cookie Mutchler, Jeanette Kitchen, Tammy Gunsallus; Next row: Sherry Watts, Jacky Holloway; Front row: Kimberly Cassel, Doreen Decker. Not pictured: Jan Fisher.


2017 Women of Excellence

Back row: Tina Beach, Diane Glenwright; Next row: Tracey Amey, Yvonne Dirocco, Nancy Story-Somers; Next Row: Alma Verzella, Robin Glossner, Katie Bell; Next row: Barbara McGary, Carolyn Hawk, Shirley Durrwacher; Front row: Sue Young (Wise Woman of the Year); Allaryn Smith (Young Woman of Excellence)


2018 Women of Excellence

Back row: Karen L. Zinobile; Next Row: Judith Krezmer (Wise Woman), Debra Griffin and Susan Best; Next Row: Marianne DePasqua and Stephanie Calder; Front Row: Dawn Astin, Laurie W. Burkholder and Maya Holmes (Young Woman of Excellence)


2019 Women of Excellence

Brittany Fischer, Emily S. Gale, Kelly Gillis, Amy Harada, Martha B. Huddy, Jody, Lantz, Katie L. Mackey, Shea Madden (Wise Woman), Suzette Meyer, Judith B. Shellenberger, Stephanie Steinbacher (Young Woman of Excellence), Brenda Terry-Manchester, Alice Trowbridge, Josie Vannucci Miller and Grace E. Watts.


2020 Women of Excellence

Anna Thompson, Barbara Reeves, Heather Stafford, Jennifer Lake, Jessica Wheeland, Loni Kline, Lyneah Huddock, Maddi Dunlap (Wise Woman), Marisa Rau, Mary Jo Bower, Susan Dinsmore, Theresa Kendall, Tracy Haas


2021 Women of Excellence

Valerie Fessler, Allison Bressler-Grove, Miranda Kujawa, Patti Jackson-Gehris, Sherry Paulhamus (Wise Woman), Jessica Harlow, Anna Radspinner, Susan Branton, Devon Yochum, Rebecca Elkins (not pictured: Tammy Anderer)


2022 Young Lady’s of Excellence Award Winners

Art & Culture: Nicole Mae Canlas

Education: Marcella Fisher

Advocacy: Madeline Pennings

Health & Wellness: McKaye Wilton

STEM: Emma Strickland

Sports: Marissa Helmrich

Junior Rising Star: Ella Wilson

2022 Women of Excellence Award Winners

Art & Culture: Beth Armanda

Education: Heather Way

Advocacy: Nicole Miller

Health & Wellness: Gayle Kiessling

STEM: Valerie Myers

Sports: Britni Mohoney

Rising Star: Abbey Welker Yoas