Bright Days Ahead at The Boutique!

Things are only getting better at The Boutique! Between closing out our 2020-2021 financial year stronger than ever and new exciting changes on the horizon, there is so much to celebrate and look forward to!

Financially speaking the Boutique has never been in a better place. We finished the financial year with a record breaking $65,987, easily surpassing our previous record by over $1,000. Looking back on where we were last year brings the success of this year into even sharper relief.

The 2019-2020 fiscal year was The Boutique’s worst year on record owing largely to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, the pandemic hit us hard, but due to the loyalty and generosity of our customers and donors, The Boutique was far more fortunate than many other businesses of our size. We are so lucky and so grateful to have such a strong community to support us. Thanks to all of you, The Boutique came out stronger than ever and is now ready to continue growing and thriving.

As vaccinations began to roll out and we began to look forward to a life post-COVID, we were lucky enough to be able to bring back our Cinderella’s Closet event and made it possible for 115 area students to attend prom in 2021. We were also able to celebrate The Boutique’s 8th anniversary with our whole Boutique family in June and will be looking forward to the return of Victorian Christmas in November.

In the very near future, we at the Boutique are looking forward to our summer to fall changeover and the accompanying end of season sales. From now until August 18th you can look forward to sharp discounts on summer items, including our semiannual $10 bag sale where customers can stuff a bag full of Boutique merchandise and pay just $10 for everything that fits! Plus, this year, we will be releasing new reusable totes featuring our brandnew redesigned Boutique logo!

Yes, the Boutique has a new logo! And with that comes the beginning of a new era! Behind the scenes The Boutique team is working on lots of exciting new things and while we are not able to share all of the details just yet, I can promise that things will only get better! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to be notified of the upcoming summer sales, our fall release date, and all of our exciting news!

From our worst year to our best, The Boutique keeps moving forward. Thank you for supporting us through everything! You make it all possible!

Thank You!
Kahlie DeHotman
Boutique Manager