Staff of the YWCA

Staff of the YWCA assist in many ways. From office work, to communications, to counselors, each employee in needed. Additionally, the work each person does helps keep the YWCA running smoothly.

All members of staff can be reached by calling our main line. Also, you may also call 570-322-4637 and dial their extension number, which can be found by their name.

If you have questions for donating, please call the the main line and someone will be happy to help you.

Call Wise Options if you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or another violent crime: 570-323-8167

For more info with Liberty House, please click here.

*All staff members are not here every single day so, please keep this in mind if trying to connect with them. You can, however, leave a voicemail message with your name and phone number. They will get back with you as soon as they can.

Managers and Team Leaders

  • Dawn Linn, CEO x 119
  • Steve Parlante, Finance Director x 115
  • Monica Whitmoyer, Office Manager x 138
  • Anna Thompson, Communications and Development Director x 159
  • Allen Goodbrod, Facilities Director x 134
  • Amber Morningstar,  Program Director x 123
  • Erin Scholl, Advocacy and Prevention Supervisor x 124
  • Heather Reeder, Direct Services Supervisor x 130
  • Jernae Drummond, Housing Services Supervisor x 176


  • Kahlie DeHotman, Boutique Manager x 121
  • Samantha Kern, Communications & Marketing Coordinator x 127
  • Molly Mann, Administrative Assistant x 128
  • Chloe Phillipen, Counselor x 133
  • Rebecca Hosier, Wise Options Medical Advocate
  • Kierstin Miller, Wise Options Legal Advocate x 141
  • Chad Hahn, Wise Options Victim Advocate x 156
  • Shryl Toner-Whitesell, Liberty House Case Manager x 170
  • Debra Griffin, Liberty House Case Manager x 142
  • Shafi Fleming, Liberty House Case Manager x 151
  • Jennifer Stack, Shelter Advocate x 126
  • Johneice Legare, Shelter Advocate x 126
  • Monica Hostettter, Shelter Advocate, x 126
  • Brandy McCoy, Shelter Advocate x 126
  • Corinne Valdez, Shelter Advocate x 126
  • Jen Reynolds, Shelter Advocate x 126
  • Derrick DuPree, Maintanence
  • Ron Ault, Maintanence