Board of Trustees

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Our Board of Trustees are full of community members who have helped generously over the years. Both men and women, they have funded our organization, volunteered their own time to help with fundraisers and they have seen our organization grow into what it is today.

Our members offer ongoing stewardship, advisement when needed, and they aid in so ways when it comes to the YWCA and its programs. Assisting in past and present operations of our nonprofit has made them an important part of our history.

For example, these members assist in fundraising opportunities, many volunteer for different events that are held throughout the year, and have donated generously to the organization itself.

Also, many are community leaders, taking part in other organizations. Full of knowledge, hearing them talk about what has worked in the past for the YWCA is both enlightening and useful information. They can give advice and/or suggestions on what could be a new idea for an individual but not for the YWCA organization.

Additionally, many have won awards and honorable mentions throughout their lifetimes as members of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. You may have seen their names involved with the YWCA in past articles and/or newsletters from their involvement in our community. 

Current Board of Trustees:

  • Kay Ertel
  • Diane Page
  • Deb Bowes
  • Renee Laychur
  • Doreen Decker
  • Margaret Piper
  • Deb Bowes
  • Jessica Bower
  • Keith Kuzio
  • Carolyn Strickland
  • Karen Young
  • Julie Steinbacher
  • Walt Rau
  • Margery Wurster
  • Frank Pellegrino
  • Barb Wascher