Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors contain a variety of women. With some retirees, we also have business owners, HR professionals and some members in the finance or medical fields. In addition to volunteers, the YWCA Northcentral PA’s board members vote on the decision making process for projects.

They help oversee the organizational processes of our local association and programs to make them more community friendly. We inform them of the ideas we come up with throughout the year to raise awareness and support. But most importantly, they like to be involved.

These ladies dedicate their time and resources in assisting the clients who rely on the YWCA. Because of this, they deserve an honorable mention.

Lucky for us, these ladies are quite active in our organization. With such caring individuals who believe in us, we can better our programs and strengthen our community a little at a time.

Each member of the board additionally participates in other committees. These committees include: finance, governance, fundraising and more. With such a diverse group, ideas and opinions come from a variety of minds.

Above all, the dedicated women of our board are committed to our mission and care about our community.


We hold meetings for the YWCA once a month. Therefore, this keeps members up-to-date with current happenings at the YWCA. It also gives them the opportunity to advise and verbally speak their thoughts.

Overall, meetings give them the opportunity to speak out on something they don’t agree with or give suggestions on something that needs improving.

During these meetings, important topics are discussed. For example, any new employees are introduced, important events are discussed, or a new plans will be mentioned.


  • Allison Staiman – President
  • Jo-Ann Gorski – Past PresidentOur Board members at our 125th anniversary!
  • Amanda Wright – Vice President
  • Molly Steele Schrimp – Secretary
  • Suzette Meyer – Treasurer
  • Stefanie Allison
  • Kristen Avery
  • Kathy Brown-Wehr
  • Ashley Bogart
  • Rachael Clark
  • Megan Dayhoff
  • Linda Eck
  • Nicole Ippolito
  • Joann Kay
  • Sue McCusker
  • Jenny Picciano
  • Vanessa Slaughter
  • Laura Smith
  • Diane Stanzione
  • Casey Stopper
  • Alma Verzella

All members of the Board of Directors speak about our mission to the community. Most importantly, we thank them for believing in everything we do and the help we have received from every member.