YWCA Hub Policies

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The following are policies that all youth participants are expected to follow at  the YWCA Northcentral PA. Certain actions may be taken if polices are violated. Adhering to all YWCA polices will make this school year more enjoyable for you, your teen, and our staff.

  • No tobacco, drugs or alcohol use on YWCA property, including the YWCA porch, ramp, parking lot, gravel lot next door and any other YWCA-owned space/location.
  • No weapons or items that can cause bodily harm to oneself or others are permitted.
  • No use of profane or offensive language.
  • No fighting.
  • No harassing others or acts of intimidation or discrimination towards others.
  • Only participants who have designated on their registration form that they may “walk home daily” are permitted to leave without a parent or guardian. It is up to participants to be responsible for these arrangements and following their proper pick up procedure.
  • Participants must follow directions/instructions of YWCA staff and volunteers.
  • Participants should be respectful and courteous to others at all times.
  • Participants must keep/return all equipment in designated areas.
  • All YWCA equipment and materials are to be utilized properly and with care. Damaged or broken equipment may incur replacement costs to the participant involved.
  • Participants are expected to clean up after themselves.
  • Participants may not wait for rides or hang out on the front porch of the YWCA or any area at the facility without staff supervision.

Violation of YWCA polices can result in suspension or ejection from the YWCA Hub. The severity and re-occurrence of the violation(s) will determine the measure taken. The program is a privilege, not a right.

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