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Volunteering at the YWCA

If you want to get into volunteering, the YWCA has options available! Wise Options, Liberty House, the Boutique and administration are open to new volunteers. They help our departments run much smoother.

Above all, we appreciate every person who donates their time to help.

Accepting Applications

Wise Options and Liberty House are accepting applications for volunteers.

Volunteers are trained in different areas before work with clients begins. In addition to victim services, working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault can be dealt with on any given day.

A rewarding experience, we welcome all who wish to assist in the operations at the YWCA.

Volunteers will:

  • Help answer the emergency hotline
  • Provide on-call emergency response to those who come into the building
  • Assist in educating the community on preventative measures
  • Work with kids and participate in many planned activities
  • *80 hours of training required*

Although 80 hours of training are required to work with the residents, it  can be obtained through the Direct Service Volunteer training. It runs from April 1-August 5, 2020. Although a 19 week program, the lessons span through 16 weeks with a 3 week catch up period. Graduation from the program will be on August 5.

This allows people to get the necessary training to help the residents who rely on us for support. Classes are held once a week and run from 6pm-8pm.

Also, classes are taught by trained staff members who have been in their line of work for several years. Experienced individuals are teaching the lessons. So, rest assured, the information is factual and useful.

During these classes, lessons cover domestic violence, adolescent relationship abuse, understanding crises and trauma, prevention education and more.

In Conclusion

After training, volunteers can handle the day to day work of helping clients.

Many of our volunteers have assisted in changing lives here for the better. Do you want to be a part of our rich history of helping people in need?

For questions regarding training and/or volunteering, call us at 800-326-8343.

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