Emergency Shelter

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Seeking Safety

The YWCA Northcentral PA’s Wise Options program offers all people an opportunity for new beginnings. One of the most difficult challenges of an abusive relationship can be leaving one.

Wise Options is a program that helps victims remove themselves from an abusive situation and find shelter and solace.

Domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes are about power and control. Sometimes the most powerful tool against abuse is literally removing yourself from the situation.


Wise Options offers women and their children a safe, private and undisclosed place to call home. During that time, we offer intensive counseling services, courses that encourage independent living and a caring, understanding environment.


Wise Options is named because our focus is the safety and respect for victims of abuse. We educate on the choices and options each individual has, respecting their personal struggle while cultivating growth and healing.


If you are in a state of crisis, need or are contemplating emergency shelter, please call our 24 hour a day, 7 days a week crisis hotline:
(570) 323-8167 or 1-800-326-8483
Luisa is a victim of human trafficking who found safety in the Wise Options emergency shelter. Under our roof, she could not be hurt or taken advantage of anymore. Now she has her own place and a full-time job! The journey was long but she has finally reached independence.
Luisa's Story

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