Remembering Honor

Remembering Honor

Remembering Honor is a two week summer program for middle and high school youth to learn about diverse American history and literature. The program strives to enrich academic pursuits, encourage leadership and build a deep sense of self-respect and community attachment.

The importance of books and reading is the foundation of Remembering Honor. Each day the students participate in team building activities and receive a lesson on positive diverse role models. It is an atmosphere of fun and positive interaction, where books and prizes are dispersed daily. The program takes place every summer at the YWCA.

To inspire self-determination and aspirations in youth, as we establish community, instill purpose and educate; to nurture our children as they unfold their past, live well today and design their own bright futures.

“You are the best we have. You are all we have. You are what we have become.”   –Dr. Maya Angelou

Remembering Honor Summer 2018

Thank you all for a wonderful program! We hope you will register for Remembering Honor next summer.