Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid Re-Housing is the newest program at the YWCA to help individuals and families who are homeless due to fleeing domestic violence. It is an opportunity to put survivors of violence in their own safe space with the support of the Wise Options advocates. We are playing our part in ending the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness in Lycoming County.

Rapid Re-Housing is a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded initiative that aims to place people experiencing homelessness due to fleeing domestic violence in a safe residence they can call their own. Not only will these clients receive HUD financial assistance, they will also be provided intense case management.

How does Rapid Re-Housing Work?

  1. Call Coordinated Entry at 2-1-1. A caring advocate will connect the caller with the best program to meet their unique needs. Calling 2-1-1 does not guarantee entry into the Rapid Re-Housing.
  2. Case managers work with individuals and families to find the perfect apartment or home for them. They will be house tours with them as well as advocate for the client(s) to the landlord.
  3. Once a home or apartment is selected, the HUD funding covers the first months rent and security deposit. From there we use a step down method which will decrease the amount of rent HUD covers each month depending on the client’s financial situation.
  4. All individuals and families must receive intense case managing from Liberty House staff to help them be independent and self-sufficient.

If you’re interesting in participating in Rapid Re-Housing, please call 2-1-1.

Olivia and her son lived in fear of Olivia's boyfriend who was abusive towards both of them. They sought counseling services with Wise Options where they learned about Rapid Re-Housing. Together with their compassionate counselor, they spoke with 2-1-1 and got them into the program. Olivia and her son moved into shelter until they found their perfect place out in the country where they could truly feel safe. The mother-son duo said they are so happy in their new home thanks to the help of the YWCA.
Olivia's Story