Life Skills Courses

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Life Skills Courses

Liberty House is dedicated to helping our program participants make changes in their lives. We educate them on empowerment and how to utilize and develop the proper tools to make a positive impact. Listed below are some of the Life Skills Courses that are taught.

Course List

One of the most important aspects of becoming self-sufficient is to learn how to maintain and create a budget. The two-part class, each held once a month, teaches our residents how to do so. The budgeting class focuses on different aspects of budgeting, while the budgeting lab is a drop-in class, with a hands-on learning component in order to show residents how to make a budget themselves. These classes are held monthly.

At Liberty House, we acknowledge that homelessness can be a traumatic experience. This class seeks to teach our residents how to cope with trauma in a variety of ways including painting, deep breathing, meditation and more. This class is taught monthly and lasts 1-2 hours.

Grounded in choice theory, this class asks participants to take a look at their decision-making processes. The hope is to move them from being reactive and impulsive in their decision-making to being proactive and thinking critically. This class is taught monthly and will cover six lessons.

One of the most common reasons for homelessness that we see is eviction. This class aims to teach participants what can make them a responsible renter, as well as how to address problems in their history that may be impacting their ability to find a rental today. This class is offered monthly in a two-hour session.

Approximately 80% of the women who enter our program have experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes. This class gives a basic overview of what a healthy versus unhealthy relationship looks likes and how they recognize red flags for abuse in their future relationships. This class is taught once per quarter (July, October, December) by our community educator.

Funded by the Allstate Foundation, this class addresses two of the biggest reasons why women return to or remain in abusive relationships: lack of financial resources and lack of financial knowledge. This five-part class addresses everything from budgeting to retirement planning in the hope that we can help women work to gain control of their financial resources. Although this class is directed at survivors of domestic violence, anyone needing additional financial knowledge will find it helpful. Offered monthly in a one-hour session.

The Career Empowerment Curriculum was designed by Women Employed and The Allstate Foundation particularly for survivors of domestic violence, to help them feel safe and confident throughout the process of getting a job, to help them elevate their thinking from “just getting a job” to “starting a career” and to do so in a way that fully acknowledges the particular challenges that survivors often face. The curriculum refers to many different career types – blue collar and white collar – and is relevant for survivors with any skill set. Although this class is directed at survivors of domestic violence, anyone needing additional financial knowledge will find it helpful. Offered monthly in a one-hour session.

This class serves as a support group for women who have experienced trauma in their lives. Sessions are facilitated by the Adult/Child Advocate from Wise Options. Through a series of activities we help to lead women to a place where they feel strong and empowered. Offered twice a month in one-hour sessions.

This four-part class attempts to educate participants on some of the more intangible skills necessary to be a good employee. Classes cover a wide variety of topics, including communication, being a good work neighbor, dress codes, workplace conflict and many more. Offered monthly in one-hour sessions.

This class aims to help participants develop important life skills that they can use in everyday life. The author of “Mind in the Making,” calls the 7 Essential Life Skills: focus and self-control, perspective taking, communicating, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges and self-directed learning. Offered monthly in one-hour sessions.

When we think “bully” we often think of kids at school but more and more adults are being bullies and being bullied. This class will walk participants through what it means to experience bullying as an adult either at home or in the workplace and how they can handle an adult tormentor. Offered once per quarter in a one-hour session.

Heather Harris, senior Liberty House case manager, teaches women at the Pre-Release Center about non-traditional parenting to prepare them for when they rejoin society and are reunited with their children.