Client Success Stories

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Client Success

There are two main programs at the YWCA Northcentral PA that focus on success: Wise Options and Liberty House. Between these two programs, we help more than 1,000 clients every year.

Clients come asking us for help. They are struggling with addiction and homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault or other violent crimes. Hundreds of these clients come out better than ever through our programs.

Because we assist individuals so much, they have the resources they need for success. We can help with legal advocacy, temporary and semi-permanent housing, counseling services and more.

There are support groups within the YWCA to help clients further their success, but some of these groups are found outside of the YWCA as well. Knowing that our clients are working hard on getting help allows us to continue encouragement and help.

The stories that come from the clients of the YWCA are uplifting. They are meant to encourage everyone to keep going, even if things don’t look so bright. With a group of supporters and resources available, these clients work hard every day to make their futures brighter.

We want to share their success with the community and further.

***We have changed some of the names of our clients for confidentiality purposes but we have received permission to use their stories from each individual on this page.

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Liberty House has been full of accomplished clients the last few months.

Intisar had been going to a sobriety group that had become important to her. But due to poor participation and location, the group wasn’t succeeding. So, she brought this up to the Housing Services Supervisor because she wanted to know if there was anything the YWCA could do.

After mentioning how positive of an impact the group had on her and how it could benefit other clients and community members, she spoke to YWCA CEO Dawn Linn, for assistance.

With the support of Dawn, Intisar had the opportunity to suggest a change to the group facilitator. The group now meets at the YWCA weekly! With it’s new location, the group has also managed to grow from just a handful of members to about 15 people looking to help themselves and others.

The coordinator for the old group stepped down since it’s moving and Intisar is now the coordinator for the “Women’s Sobriety Group.” The group will continue to help members of the YWCA and other community members succeed.

With determination and support from YWCA staff and donors, Intisar has proven herself to succeed and recover from substance abuse, trauma and more.

Intisar couldn’t have done this without the generous donors of the YWCA, so we thank you all for the lives you’re helping to change!


Tammy began taking care of herself at the age of 8. She relied on her own strength to survive, while coping with absent and addicted parents. As an adult, an alcohol addiction and long-term abusive marriage caused physical and emotional torment. Life had always been a daily struggle for her.

Looking for help can be daunting, but Tammy

knew the YWCA could change her life. She was underweight, frail, and unable to walk without a walker when she first came here determined to make a better life for herself.

She entered our long-term Liberty House program and was doing great—until she experience an alcohol relapse. Her compassionate case manager and our team of advocates helped Tammy enter a successful rehab program. And upon her return, she had renewed confidence and the goal of getting a divorce & finally being free from her abusive husband.


Today, Tammy is known throughout the YWCA for her beautiful poetry, her unfailing smile and
commitment to her sobriety. She writes hand-written thank you notes, encourages other clients and is thrilled to have filed for divorce with the help of our Wise Options advocates. Tammy is pictured above on the left with her case manager, Deb Griffin, on the right.

She has plans of moving to be with her grandchildren and making new, happy memories that are well
deserved. Tammy has just started working as a nurse again, and she absolutely loves it. She is more than grateful for all the assistance found at the YWCA thanks to generous donors.