Women’s Empowerment Conference

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The YWCA is thrilled to kick off 2022 with our first-ever conference designed to engage women from throughout our community as they come together to feel inspired and uplifted. Attendees will enjoy a catered breakfast, networking opportunities, and an in-person presentation from Kate Sholonski, co-founder of Triumph Leadership Group. Kate’s presentations have elicited such comments as “Illuminating & Soul-Stirring”, “Transformational”, and “Awakening”. Kate will offer words of empowerment as she engages the crowd, ensuring each attendee finds incredible value in her themed presentation:

“Women: How to be Effective Without Being Perfect”


When: March 9th

Time: 8:30am-11:30am

Where: Bald Birds Brewing, Jersey Shore

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Supporting Women is Good Business

Research has shown that women in the workplace and gender diversity are key for an organization’s bottom line. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, gender-diverse business units have higher average revenue than less diverse business units. AND the benefits of more women in the workplace are not limited to just financial gains.

4 Benefits of More Women Leaders






When you empower women, you not only foster confidence, but you encourage a community of support and place a meaningful impact on the culture of your business or organization. Be sure to get tickets to send your lady leaders today!