Michelle’s Success

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Michelle’s Success

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We love sharing client success stories.

Client success doesn’t happen every time someone leaves the YWCA. But for the times it does, we want to share!

Michelle’s story starts like many others: addiction and incarceration cost her nearly everything. But the generous donations that come from you helped, and continue to help, the clients at the YWCA.

Michelle always worked hard. She had a job since she could work and her grades never slipped. She often helped her mother around the house when needed. As she grew into an adult, she found a full-time job and had two daughters.


But things happen. She fell into addiction, which lead to time in prison. From here, she lost her daughters. She signed custody over to the girls’ father and grandmother. While it wasn’t something she wanted to do, she knew they would be loved and safe with them.

Upon her release from prison in October, Michelle moved into Liberty House and immediately set positive, attainable goals for herself. She wanted to have her daughters back and she wanted a life of happiness. Her daughters began visiting during her stay at Liberty House and these days were some of the happiest Michelle had seen.

With determination to succeed, Michelle attended daily recovery groups, completed volunteer hours, and attended donor-supported classes at the YWCA. She learned about parenting tips, life skills, and even the preparation to finding a job.

In November, she cooked a full Thanksgiving meal for her and her daughters in the Liberty House kitchen.  They sat around the dinner table and were grateful for the roof over their heads and the food before them. They were able to do this because of donors like you.

For the next year, Michelle and her daughters built happier memories, as well as a future together. With full-time employment, where she was recently promoted to management, she was able to give her girls a better life. With warm coats and gloves in the winter to fun, supervised activities in the summer, they were busy living.

A New Life. A Client Success.

This fall, Michelle was able to move into her own home. Remaining in close contact with her Liberty House case manager, she is even legally working to regain custody of her daughters.

Michelle is just one successful story that has come from the generous donations from the community. With your help, she was able to grow into a new person and live a life of happiness that is well deserved. She worked hard for the life she wanted and she has you thank.

Last year, 120  women and their children found purpose, direction, and hope through Liberty House. In Wise Options, the YWCA’s 24/7 shelter and resource for those escaping domestic violence, sexual assault and violent crimes—another 1,200  women, children and men found safety and support because of your generosity.

To promote more client success, give the gift of hope and security to the families at the YWCA by donating today.