Women of Excellence

Women of Excellence 2018

This year the YWCA Northcentral PA celebrates our tenth annual tribute to Women of Excellence! Join this special evening by nominating a strong woman you know for this special honor.  Download a nomination form today and honor the special women who power our community. 

The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 31, 2018.

This year’s celebration will take place on Thursday, November 8th at the Williamsport Country Club, a reception will begin at 6:00 pm with dinner at 6:30 pm.

The tribute to Women of Excellence celebrates the past, present and future of women’s achievements in our community. This event provides you with an opportunity to recognize your nominee’s commitment to the community and to highlight your organization’s mission in promoting Women of Excellence.


Wise Woman of the Year

The Wise Woman is an honor dating back to 1997.  This year, the previously named Wise Women will select the 2018 Wise Woman of the Year from all 2018 nominees.  The Wise Women of the year are:

1997 - Sister Jean Mohl
1998 - Annmarie Phillips
1999 - Davie Jane Gilmour, Ph.D.
2000 - Nan Young
2001 - Henrietta Hadley
2002 - Ann Pepperman
2003 - Kimberly Pittman-Shulz
2004 - Patricia Lowery
2005 - Sister Joann Bednar
2006 - Peachie O’Conner
2007 - Andree Phillips
2009* - Marguerite Bierman
2010 - Janice Trapp
2011 - Veronica Muzic
2012 - Barbara Hudock
2013 - Beth McMahon
2014 - Judge Nancy L. Butts
2015 - Anne Holladay
2016 - Kirsten Burkhart
2017 - Sue Young


 The YWCA Women of Excellence

2009 Women of Excellence

Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Marie Harris, Jeri Sims, Bonita Kolb, Kathleen Kelly, Elisabeth Miranda, Barbara Natell,
Jean Heller, Joann Kay; Seated: Meagan Murray, Rachel Kirk, Donna Bastian, Marquerite Bierman (Wise Woman),
C. Jane Hawkins, Kathy Brown-Wehr; Kay Dando


 2010 Women of Excellence

Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Sandy Spencer, Nuria Hunter, Dee Gephart, Pam Hicks, Amy Dowling, Tanya Anderson; Front row: Linda Boose, Jeanette Carter, Annmarie Phillips, Kay Ertel, Charline Pulizzi, Linda Prior. Seated; Janice Trapp (Wise Woman)


2011 Women of Excellence  


Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Debra Mader Miller, Deb Parsons, Caryn Powers; Middle row: Mary Kilgus, Doreen White, Judge Joy McCoy, Mackenzie Yaw; Front row: Lois Williams, Brenda Nichols, Veronica Muzic (Wise Woman), Beth McMahon (Not Pictured: Deb Bowes, Geneva Peck)



 2012 Women of Excellence

Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Stephanie Hollick, Karen Woland-Payne, M. Chris Lechien, Savonna Reagan, Jenifer L. DeWald, Karen Armstrong; Seated: Diane Page, Opal Schlappi, Jessica Bower, Peggy Wood, Rebecca Burke, Andree Phillips (Not Pictured: Barbara Hudock - Wise Woman)




  2013 Women of Excellence

Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Jennifer Rhea, Melanie Taormina, Ann Plankenhorn, Radecka Appiah-Padi, Christina Herman, Carolyn Strickland; Seated: Gail Leidhecker, Dawn Linn, Jennifer Jackson, Beth McMahon (Wise Woman), Rosann Pellschi, Frances Melito Pfaff






 2014 Women of Excellence

Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Linell Stabler; Dana Brigandi, Virginia Eaton, Kathy Zakarian, Aegina Leidhecker, Bonnie Dodge; Seated: Trisha Marty Gibbons, Candace Dewar, Megan Stoner; Judge Nancy L. Butts (Wise Woman), Renee Laychur, Barb Wascher, Susan Burns




 2015 Women of Excellence


Pictured Left to Right
Back row: Tracy Brundage, Mary Sieminski, Jamie Caputo, Rev. Velinda Webb, Sue Greene; Seated: Debra Schneider, Fran Turner, Janet Hurlbert, Anne Holladay (Wise Woman), Karen Young, Makayla Hoffman (Young Woman of Excellence)



 2016 Women of Excellence

Back row: Kirsten Burkhart (Wise Woman); Next row: Gerry Fausnaught, Rev. Gwen Bernstein, Joani Yagel; Next Row: Cookie Mutchler, Jeanette Kitchen, Tammy Gunsallus; Next row: Sherry Watts, Jacky Holloway; Front row: Kimberly Cassel, Doreen Decker. Not pictured: Jan Fisher.








2017 Women of Excellence 

Back row: Tina Beach, Diane Glenwright; Next row: Tracey Amey, Yvonne Dirocco, Nancy Story-Somers; Next Row: Alma Verzella, Robin Glossner, Katie Bell; Next row: Barbara McGary, Carolyn Hawk, Shirley Durrwacher; Front row: Sue Young (Wise Woman of the Year); Allaryn Smith (Young Woman of Excellence