Awareness Months

Remember Their Names
The YWCA Wise Options Program is a tireless source of hope, safety, encouragement and support for victims of domestic violence. This October, and every day, we remember those from Lycoming County who have lost their lives to domestic violence. We are truly dedicated helping all victims break the cycle of abuse to become survivors.

Dolores “Dee” Wilson - 1954-1996
Jenifer Marie Powell - 1976-1997
Jennifer Witmer - 1965-1998
Tramaine M. Glisson - 1978-1999
Miriam Zambie Illes - 1951-1999
Susan Yasipour - 1996-2001
Stephanie Sees - 1970-2002
Kalib Nash Blasé - 1997-2002
Traci L. Wertz - 1970-2004
Melanie Seitzer-Salgado - 1969-2004
Christine Montgomery - 1972-2005
Cherilyn Kephart - 1974-2013
Lynn Wright - 1960-2013
Kristina Pope - 1992-2015
Michelle Inch  - 1984-2016


 Why do we need DVAM?

  •  More than 1,000 women men and children seek out the services of Wise Options every year.  We know this is just a very small fraction of those who are suffering.
  • Domestic Violence knows no bounds. Victims are from every race, gender, economic status and geographic location.
  • One in four women has experienced violence at the hands of an intimate partner.
  • The health related costs or rape, assault, stalking and homicide by an intimate partner exceeds $5.8 billion dollars annually in America.
  • Victims of domestic violence pay an extra $5,000 in medical costs annually.
  • Victims of domestic violence lose 8 million paid days of work throughout the country each year.  This is equal to 32,000 jobs and 5.6 million days of household productivity.
  • One of every three female homicide victims were murdered by a current or former intimate partner. 
  • Up to 50% of elder abuse is committed by a former or current intimate partner.  Less than 1% of women over the age of 55 seek the help of a shelter like Wise Options.
  • Witnessing violence between caretakers is the strongest risk factor for transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next.  More than 3 million children witness violence in their home annually.
  • The CDC estimates that as many as 40% of victims of severe, physical domestic violence are men.