Courses Available

The following are courses our Wise Options community educator can deliver to your club, religious group or staff meeting. The community educator keeps all of these topics relevant and interactive to create a positive and informative experience.

Our sessions use a primary prevention approach. Each primary prevention session includes the following learning techniques:

Knowledge: Awareness can be raised in a one-time brief (up to one hour) session.

Attitudes: These classes change attitudes. The classes focus on skills such as recognizing emotions and healthy relationships. These are multiple sessions and we use curriculum that can appeal to many demographics and ages of people.

Beliefs and behaviors: These sessions help change beliefs and behaviors. The classes focus on learning healthy relationship skills and health communication skills. These are multiple sessions and are combined with classes designed to help change attitude.

To schedule a presentation contact Kacie Hopkins at (570) 322-4637 ext. 112 or

Making the Peace: Violence Prevention classes for young people. The goal is to help young people understand and heal from violence, and come together as a community to make peace. Explores social and economic roots of violence in the community and their own lives.

Care for Kids: A healthy relationship project provides prevention programming for children, educators and parents. 


Healthy TouchProgramming for kids age preschool thru 3rd grade to discuss healthy relationships and safe and unsafe touches.

Bullying – Programming for kids and teens about the effects of bullying on others, what to do if they are bullied as well as the importance of bystander intervention.

Healthy Relationships (Teen) – Gives teens an opportunity to explore their ideas of what a healthy relationship is and how to address unhealthy behaviors among their peers.

Love is Not Abuse – Addresses the issues of teen dating violence which is often misunderstood and under reported.

Sexual Assault Awareness – Information for teens and college students about date rape, statutory rape and drug-facilitated rape.

DV101 – Addresses the basics of domestic violence – what is it, why does it happen, what to do if you or someone you know is a victim.

Effects on Children – Explores the effects that domestic violence can have on children even if they are not being abused directly.

Healthy Relationships (Adults) – Provides adults with an opportunity to redefine what a healthy relationship is by giving them the tools to recognize unhealthy ones.

Effects of Sexual Assault – Discusses the effects that sexual assault can have on adults and children victims and significant others.

Elder Abuse – Special concerns for seniors, indicators of abuse and ways to prevent

DV in the Workplace – An overview of domestic violence for employers to help them cope when an employee is a victim.

Sexual Harassment – What it is and how to stop it.