Strength. Aspiration. Voice. Vision.
SAVVY is about self care. Our goal is to help the women embrace their womanhood, respect themselves and learn to connect with other women in a positive and productive manner. We teach them how to discover their own strengths as women, building a powerful sense of and self and higher self-esteem.

Individual Service Plan (ISP) 
Aside from the Life Skills Courses that we teach and make available, each program participant is required to work with their case manager to set long and short term goals with obtainable outcomes that we evaluate to measure their success. Below is the list of the eight standard goals we establish with them, and then three separate optional goals dependent upon whether they apply to the client or not. If there are other special circumstances that require additional goals we will also develop those with them. Education, Careers, Parenting, Health and Human Services were goals that were determined from our research project with Beth McMahon, professor at Lock Haven University, as necessities for program participants to evaluate and work towards to be successful when they move out of the program, and work to maintain stability and self-sufficiency. 

Standard Goals:
Program Compliance
Health and Human Services
Employment and Volunteering
Mental Health
Physical Health

Optional Goals based off of individual situation:
Balanced and Restorative Justice
Addiction Recovery