About Us

 In 1893, a group of women came together in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to help the women and girls in the city, specifically those working in textile factories. YWCA members provided a place for factory girls to rest and have lunch during their noon break.

Since the birth of our organization nearly 125 years ago, we have grown and developed into what we are today. Our staff, volunteers and members strive to eliminate racism and empower women. Our programs work towards those goals by providing people with the right tools to make a change in their own lives and within the community.

Our two main programs are Wise Options and Liberty House.

Wise Options began in 1973 as a shelter for female domestic violence victims. Since then we have expanded to help all people who are victims of sexual assault and all violent crimes including domestic violence. Our shelter provides a safe haven for those who need refuge from their abuser. All services are free and confidential. If you need assistance, please call our 24-hour emergency hotline 1-800-326-8483 or (570) 323-8167.

In 2003 Liberty House opened its doors as an intensive transitional housing program for women and their children who are experiencing homelessness. Case managers work with each client individually to set goals and work together to achieve those goals. Someone can stay in the program for up to two years.

For more about our programming, check the Life Saving Programs drop down menu.

Donors and volunteers help us achieve our mission to help those who have no place to turn. Giving of money and/or time are incredibly appreciated. Along the left sidebar you can donate online and apply to be a volunteer. Easy ways to help us are by donating gently used clothing to The Boutique or purchasing something on our Amazon wishlist.

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